Data Silos are a "Scandal"

data privacy Nov 11, 2020

In an snippet from his fireside chat with Marty Chavez, Kenn Cukier laments how treasured medical data is rarely used. Marty paints an optimistic vision for the future, where privacy-enhancing technologies and cluster computing can unlock data silos for the benefit of healthcare and society generally.


Kenn: But what needs to happen for that? For us to enjoy the real data economy and all the benefits that accrue from it? Because, from my vantage point, every time a person goes into the hospital, we collect lots of data. We typically don't store it, save it, share it, reuse it, aggregate, and learn from it. We should be doing it. It's heinous. It's almost barbaric that we're letting the data go to waste. And I see that across the entire economy. We have some of the world's best minds and the world's best AI companies working on games, and trying to win at games, because they can collect the data because they can't meaningfully get access to the data that really matters to improve people's lives. That’s a scandal.

Marty: It is a scandal. And it's a scandal, not just because we have some respect for data privacy, but also because the data is just locked inside silos with really no good way to get at it. And so it's a mix of those two drivers that's the what companies will need, and this is where DataFleets comes in, and there are many companies working on this problem.

Companies need easy ways to do all of this fancy encryption. Very few people are going to actually be able to solve the problems and key management and do all the calculations to come up with these algorithms. But the good news is they don't have to, right? Just like I can get in a car and drive it by pressing on the pedal and turning the wheel - I don't really have to know what's going on under the hood. That's what companies like DataFleets are doing.

Watch the full fireside chat here:


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