DataFleets is Joining LiveRamp

Feb 8, 2021

Since our founding in 2018, the DataFleets mission has been to enable a world where all data anywhere can be connected and useful without compromising individual data privacy. Today, I’m thrilled to announce that we are joining LiveRamp to accelerate this mission.

The seed of what would become DataFleets was planted many years ago. As a data scientist, I was personally provisioned access to millions of health care records to create a machine learning (ML) classifier that could detect if a patient had cancer. It took months to get approved for access to the data, and when I finally got access, I felt uncomfortable by the sheer amount of personal information in the data. Despite the sensitivities, the use of the data was justified because—if the ML worked—it could help save many lives by detecting cancer early.

After several iterations and working closely with doctors, radiologists, and pathologists, we created an ML model that performed with superhuman accuracy. It was an absolute success. The model was able to identify the cancer patients more reliably—and faster—than trained experts. To this day, the analytics system we built runs in hospitals across the United States and helps drive effective cancer treatment interventions.

Despite the success of that initiative, it was clear to me that there had to be a better way. Why couldn’t we build more life-saving analytics for use in hospitals everywhere? Why couldn’t the best talent in the world have access to this kind of data to develop detectors for Alzheimer's disease or sepsis?

The root cause of the problem was the bleak reality that the world was splintering into the data haves and the data have nots. Data haves could harness their data reserves to improve customer experiences, and data have nots couldn’t. The trend was clear: tech giants had the majority of data, so they got to benefit disproportionately by attracting top analytics talent, improving customer experiences with advanced analytics, and collecting more data to feed the flywheel. Unfortunately, this meant that initiatives like the cancer detection system I built were the exception, not the norm.

Leveling the playing field

But what if there was a way to change this? What if we could reshape the model for how enterprises use data? A privacy-preserving data collaboration service that helped companies retain control of their data and how it was used would be hugely disruptive to the data economy and level the playing field for enterprises to use data to drive customer experiences. But, such a data collaboration service didn’t exist. What’s more—the technology didn’t exist either. We founded DataFleets with the ambitious vision to change this.

Our solution was the data “fleet.” Built on a novel combination of mathematical privacy techniques, the system safeguards personal data, scales to enterprise volumes, enables easy-to-use advanced analytics, and never moves an enterprises’ data out of their four walls. Working with partners in financial services and healthcare, we’re just scratching the surface of use cases that can be enabled with our private and secure infrastructure for data collaboration.

Recently, our founding vision has come full circle through our partnership with HCA Healthcare and the CHARGE consortium where we power data collaboration across 12 health care institutions to rapidly produce new evidence to improve the safety and quality of care for COVID-19 patients. By removing the barriers to data collaboration stemming from control and privacy, DataFleets enables institutions to identify and disseminate medical evidence in novel ways—a critical step in the fight against COVID-19.

Powering privacy-protecting data collaboration with LiveRamp

We at DataFleets are thrilled to join forces with LiveRamp to enable data collaboration for enterprises all around the world. As a neutral platform for data connectivity, LiveRamp is the highway of the data economy—providing the on-ramps and off-ramps for enterprises to collaborate.

Together, we are excited to lead the data economy to a new model for data collaboration—one without data haves and data have nots, but instead one focused on the privacy and experiences of consumers first. I can’t wait to see what other game changing initiatives our customers will pursue with these privacy-protecting, secure data collaboration tools.

David Gilmore – Cofounder and CEO

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